Приходите на встречу с колледжем MPW в Астане и Атырау

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Приходите на встречу с колледжем MPW в Астане и Атырау  

Приходите на встречу с колледжем MPW в Астане и Атырау

Приходите на встречу с колледжем MPW в Астане и Атырау



Mander Portman Woodward





Пройдите интервью с директором приемной комиссии топового колледжа Великобритании!

Побороть страх и сомнения  поможет только проверенная информация полученная БЕСПЛАТНО!




MPW – твой путь в лучшие университеты Великобритании, один из лучших и престижных колледжей, после которого Вы будете зачислены в ведущие британские университеты!




Вы готовы узнать об этом все? Тогда приходите к нам, где вы сможете не только узнать нужную информацию, проверить свой английский с носителем, но и поучаствовать в играх «пройди интервью», «почувствуй себя студентом престижного колледжа», «как, я еще не знаю об этом?»


Приглашаем вас на встречу с директором приемной комиссии  Mander Portman Woodward – JustinEdwards.


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Приходите на встречу с колледжем MPW в Астане и Атырау

Кроме того, вы сможете ответить для себя на следующие вопросы:


— Когда начинать подготовку к поступлению в университет?

— Что дает обучение в лучших вузах мира?

— Какие сложности могут возникнуть во время подготовки и в период обучения?




Встреча будет проходить:

7 марта 2016 в 15.00 по адресу: г. Астана, ул. Иманова 19 БЦ «Алма Ата» офис 911 А

9 марта 2016 в 19.00 по адресу: г. Атырау, ул. Сатпаева 48


Вход – свободный

Это ваш шанс получить лучшее образование в мире! 


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 Запишите меня на встречу


Отзывы студентов из Казахстана



Grades achieved at MPW

Progressed to
University College London (Mathematics and Statistics)

International students have many aspects to think about, such as accommodation and guardians, but MPW surprised me by having a highly organised and supportive administration. Also, because most MPW Cambridge students are local, as an ‘international’ student, I found this very useful in both improving my English and in giving me a taste of a genuinely ‘English’ college. Studying in small groups has also made it easier for me to participate in discussions and build my confidence.


Grades achieved at MPW

Progressed to
University College London (Economics)

“From the moment I first came to visit MPW, both I and my father knew that we were in safe hands. I felt that I was given really good advice at my interview and that level of support continued all the way through my two years at the college.”


Aizhan joined MPW from her school in Kazakhstan. She achieved A*AA in Psychology, Maths and Geography and is now studying Psychology at UCL.

 “The first time I came to MPW I had a taster day and I was really impressed by the school. The format and structure of the lessons was really different from Kazakhstan. The thing I like most is that you can call the teachers by their first names and MPW is more open-minded than other schools. Teachers are positive and supportive and you get to know your class really well because it is so small. I attended most of the Principal’s lectures this year and they were really interesting. I like that we celebrate other traditions here and learn to understand them. I helped organise the Nauryz festival and went to Chinese New Year celebrations


Yelilkay joined MPW from her school in Almaty and is a current student at MPW in the first year of an A-level programme.

MPW has a bright and rich history of successful students, who have reached their aims and ambitions. MPW is an opportunity that not every can get. It appeared to be even more exciting and challenging than I expected it to be, so I am completely happy with my choice. The personal tutors at MPW are incredible people who are always there for you to help, give a valuable advice and support. This includes not only college issues, but also routine problems or worries that you have.

In each subject the teacher gives their complete attention to the students. They show persuasiveness, sometimes flexibility, because for some students it is their first year apart from family and home. If you have any questions or you need an extra help, you can always book a study surgery to get a tutor who will help you.

I live by myself, which is a 15 mins walk from college. It is a safe place – Knightsbridge. Anything you want can be found somewhere close by.

MPW is located in an amazing area. When my parents visited me at the start of the course I showed them MPW and they were satisfied with the area and the location, because every parent is worried about their children leaving home for the first time.


Приходите на встречу с колледжем MPW в Астане и Атырау

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